Welcome to "Seeds 4 You".

 Please note. This store will be closed until the 20th of September while I travel overseas with my wife.

My apologies.

We are located in Orroroo, in the Mid North of South Australia, and offer Organic and Untreated Heirloom seeds for your gardens.

Unfortunately, due to the quarantine restrictions of many countries, I am currently only able to post to Australia and also due to quarantine restrictions, I currently cannot post seeds to WA or Tas. My Apologies.

I do have other varieties of seeds available and will be listing them as quickly as possible.

Postage is a flat rate of $2.30 for any quantity of seeds purchased.

Please feel free to check out my ebay store feedback by following the below link, but due to the fees associated with ebay, my prices here are cheaper and in some cases I am able to sell packs in higher quantities than I am able to on ebay.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions by using the "contact" link at the bottom of the page.

Thank you.


Featured Products


Cucumber - Marketmore 76 - 20 Seeds
Seeds 4 You

Price: $ 1.40


Pea - Telephone - 30 Seeds
Seeds 4 You

Price: $ 1.40

Sprouting Jar 009.jpeg

Sprouting Jar - Glass Germinator

Price: $ 19.00


Melon - Green Nutmeg - 10 Seeds
Seeds 4 You

Price: $ 1.20


Peppermint - 0.10 Grams (Approx 900 Seeds)
Seeds 4 You

Price: $ 2.45


Mizuna - 200 Seeds
Seeds 4 You

Price: $ 1.40